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Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - Amazon's Choice (Buy on Amazon)

This cool-mist humidifier has a 1.2-gallon capacity water tank, delivering up to 30 hours of run time between refills. Created by Vicks to work with their Menthol Scented VapoPads, it can also be used as an everyday humidifier. It doesn't come with a filter, making it easy to clean and maintain.

The transparent water reservoir helps users to easily keep track of the water, and the whisper-quiet operation with customizable mist output makes it a great addition to bedrooms and nurseries without disturbing sleep.

Vicks Filter-free Cool Mist Humidifier: This cool mist humidifier won't need replacement filters, & it's 1.2-gallon tank can give up to 33 hours of soothing mist. Vicks cool mist humidifier is quiet, making it great for your bedroom or baby's nursery.

Vicks Humidifiers For Babies, Kids, Adults: Humidifiers diffuse moisture into the air, and many women and men find that a humidifier for the bedroom becomes an essential part of a good night's sleep when the air is dry, in allergy season, or when sick.

Cough & Congestion Relief: When you or your kid has a cold, it can be difficult to sleep through the night. Humidifiers, vaporizers, & steam inhalers provide temporary relief from coughing & congestion, so your rest won't be as disturbed by coughing fits.

Vicks Vaporizers, Humidifiers, & Steam Inhalers: Moisture & humidity offer temporary relief from cough & congestion due to colds or allergies. Vicks line of humidifiers & steam inhalers, help you breathe easier wherever you are, from the bedroom to the office.

Humidifiers For Bedrooms, Desks, Tables: Our humidifiers & vaporizers help you breathe better wherever you are.


With a power consumption of 60 watts, the Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier delivers a steady mist to cover small and medium-sized rooms. It can be used with the Vicks scent pads or other liquid inhalants if necessary.

The no-filter design makes maintenance easy, requiring a quick wipe down in between refills – which is easy due to the wide opening at the top of the tank.


This Cool Mist Humidifier comes with a Vicks VapoPad Slot on the side, allowing up to 2 Vicks VapoPads to give users up to 8 hours of relief. The variable humidity control knob adjusts the mist output to a customized volume. It uses ultrasonic frequency vibrations to spread water particles, quietly propelling the produced mist outside from the nozzle at the top.


The automatic shut off function turns off the device when water in the tank gets to a minimal level. When using tap water, there can be a mineral build up in the water tank with time, which can be reduced by wiping off the empty tank in between refills.

Note that using essential oils is not recommended in this machine since it can cause damages and affect the durability of the device.


Overall, the Vicks No-Filter cool mist humidifier is an affordable choice for households looking for a simple and effective humidifier, especially for those who need medicated vapors to treat congestion problems. The device is very user-friendly with easy to use controls, quiet operation, and simple cleaning. Keep in mind that mineral deposits can form when using tap water in the tank.

If you're looking for a top performing humidifier with a stylish exterior, this might just be your match.


Reviews of the Vicks Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Buy this Humidifier, ignore Bad Reviews, Here's why…

Like with most small appliances, I did A LOT of research before buying this. More than I usually do. I ended up down a rabbit hole of cool vs warm mist health benefits, expensive models with sensors, and 2 days later I finally pulled the trigger on this, and 2 months later, I couldn't be happier.

You get what you pay for, so although I think this is actually REASONABLY priced, you can't expect something to work just as well as something 2, 3 or 4 times as expensive. If you don't want to have to clean your machine frequently don't buy a filter-less. If you don't want to use trial and error to figure out which humidity setting works for your home and season, you're gonna have to splurge on a digital one. I felt COMPELLED to write this long review since after using this for 2 months, I'm upset that I ALMOST let some other reviews deter me.

I have a hard time replacing objects in our home that have perfectly working alternatives, but since we have VERY hard well water, with both types of iron, we were flying through filters at an insane rate last winter, so I wanted something filter-less that was easy to clean.

We live in central New England, with a wood stove as primary heat and a forced hot air furnace, and a fairly open concept 1100sq house (500sq main living space), and this model has been a godsend.

This winter started earlier than normal, so my annual "sign" (waking up with a bloody nose) to find, clean, and plug in the humidifier came sooner this year.

As soon as it arrived, I got the thing running on full blast for 3 days straight, and I realized why there are some mediocre reviews, and here's a few reasons to ignore them.

1) Not to lambast the other reviewers, but I don't think they understand how POWERFUL this model is for its tiny size. In fact, I think even the manufacturer has undersold it. Our old humidifier could run on high for about 36hrs without having to be refilled, and this one barely makes it 15 all the way up, with a similar sized tank. That's A LOT of water you're pumping into the air, and that's where all these "leaking" reviews are coming from I suspect. On day 3 of full blast (hindsight math, about 6 gallons of water) the weather had been rainy and warmer, and that's when I came home to the machine "leaking". Aka I had made the house so humid the machine was covered, then dripping, condensation on the floor. The manual warns against this, BTW, that condensing can happen when you exceed 60% humidity. Without a digital read, I found that the INSIDE of the tank starts condensing a while before the outside, so I just turn the machine down until the next time we have the woodstove cranking.

2) The machine is filter less, so you have to clean the machine more often than filtered ones. That pink and white buildup is NOT mold, it's whatever is left after the Hs and Os of H²O have evaporated out. So unless you're strictly using Distilled Water, even the most expensive household water system isn't gonna remove EVERYTHING else out, and what's left is mineral "scale". Filtered Humidifiers pull most of this out in the FILTER, so that's why you replace those and don't see it in the tank. Regardless, you should be cleaning our humidifier anyway, but the audacity to leave a bad review because after 6 months there's residue after not cleaning it is complete nonsense.

3) This machine is NOT noisy. Sure you can't hear a pin drop while it's on high, but despite it's high powered ability, it does far less gurgling than our old one, one that was already so quiet it never woke my super light-sleeping husband. It's SO quiet that…

4) The auto shut-off DOES work, just not when the tank is visible empty. Because the machine is so quiet, and after the condensation debacle, I had been running it on about quarter power (so no visible mist), and I actually forgot about the machine for a couple days. I got home one night, noticed the tank was empty and it was still running, so initially I thought the reviewers were right about the shut-off feature. But when I shut it off and picked up the tank, I realized the reservoir in the base was still full of water, so I decided to do an experiment to test the auto shut-off. I turned it back on to full blast, and about 30m later the machine shut itself off. I picked up the tank and the rest of the water was gone. Not that I actually PLAN to forget again, but it's good to know when inevitably I do, the shut off works.

5) This machine is only SLIGHTLY harder to clean than my old one. PRO: The Tank has round edges with a large filling hole, big enough to get my hand and sponge in, and easier to clean without corners. CON: The conical part is harder to get around (and clean itself) until I decided to use my wire handled bottle-brush to bend and shape around it and stuff down in to get to the bottom.

So although I'm usually hard pressed to leave 5 star reviews on mundane necessities, this one deserves it, so save yourself and your wallet and do some trial and error in your home with this machine.

Easy to clean and works well!

This is the fourth humidifier I've bought in the past five years, so unfortunately I'm starting to feel like a humidifier expert. After the last one got impossible-to-clean mold in some inaccessible areas which made the mist come out smelling like a public pool changing room, it was back to the drawing board.

So, this time around I was primarily looking for a humidifier that would be easy to clean and this one definitely delivers. The giant water hole in the bottom of the tank can easily fit your hand or a dish brush. I clean the central tube (where the mist comes out) with the end of a long wooden spoon and washcloth. It really is the easiest to clean humidifier I've had. One thing I've learned from my other humidifiers is that you really do need to clean them out all the time, because once there's some mold growth it is so much harder to get rid of it than prevent it. It isn't the humidifier's fault if there is mold growth (although some are treated with stuff to help, my last one was and it didn't make a difference). Any wet environment is going to attract mold and bacteria. It's a hassle but I've tried to get in the habit of emptying it and wiping it out every morning with a small amount of rubbing alcohol, then leaving both the base and the tank open over a towel to completely dry out during the day. Obviously that won't work if you want to run it 24/7 but at least every few days it needs to be dried out and disinfected or you will get that nasty pink sludge or mildew growing, no matter what humidifier you buy.

I also really like the design, with just a simple dial to adjust how much mist comes out. We run it almost on the highest setting all night and contrary to other reviewers have not noticed any water pooling around the unit or on the floor. It should be obvious, but it needs to be placed on a nightstand or higher up somewhere because if you do run it on the floor the mist can't spread as far, so you'll likely get no benefit from it and also end up with a soggy carpet.

Works Awesome And Is Silent! Easy To Clean And Maintain!

I got this vaporizer to replace one I've had for over 20 years. My other Vicks vaporizer was nothing more than a giant tub with a couple of electro tubes centered inside a cylinder. The old one worked fine and although it turned the water sediments into hard crusty calcifications at the bottom of the tank (it was not too hard to clean). It required distilled or purified water. However, the electrodes over time begin to get so coated that no matter what I did I couldn't get the calcification off. So I decided to buy a new one and this new modern model was it.

The tank has a nice sleek upright design and holds plenty of water. See photo and video upload. When the bottom tank needs to be cleaned, you will notice an off-colored calcification or sediment. That's normal and that is coming from the water itself. It is not mold! I think people in some of the reviews are not familiar with the way these tanks work and have often given them bad reviews because they don't understand what it is they're seeing when it's time to clean out the tank. Of course the tanks need to be cleaned out once a week to make sure no bad mold or germs get in them. It's not the design fault if people do not keep it clean like they're supposed to.

Anyway it's very quiet. The only thing you can hear is an occasional faint rippling sound as the water bubbles below in the lower tank. You really can't hear it unless you're up close.

The humidity adjustment switch is extremely sensitive. All the way open and your humidifier looks like a steam train. You can adjust the intensity and how much vapor comes out by a handy knob (which my other vaporizer never had). You can get very little or a lot by the easy-turn knob.

There is a side door to put a vaporizer pad if you need it. We don't need it. We just need the moisture in the air from being in a dry climate.

Where to put the vaporizer: The idea is to put it in a place where the vapor cannot negatively impact wood floors or furnishings. I have it on a folded beach towel on my wood floors several feet away from a bookcase. In the bedroom we just sit it on the towel on the dresser. No problems with oversaturation because we can adjust the knob as needed.

I got it on Amazon when it went on a discount! Couldn't beat the price or pass up the deal. As far as its function goes I give it five stars!

These reviews were begotten from the Amazon product page.

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