The best Humidifiers for 2021

Honeywell HCM-6009 QuietCare 9-Gallon Console Humidifier

Do you find yourself dealing with mild but irritating discomforts in the form of dry skin, nasal congestion, and chapped lips? What about other items in the house like your plants and furniture? If you look around and you’re noticing a lot of dryness and cracking, then maybe it’s time to purchase the Honeywell HCM-6009 QuietCare 9-Gallon Console Humidifier from Honeywell. The well-known manufacturer impresses yet again with this no-nonsense home humidifier.

Made to cover areas of 2300 feet squared, this Honeywell Humidifier will ensure that your home has enough moisture in the air all year-round. Designed specifically to produce results without requiring a whole lot from you, the QuietCare is low maintenance and capable of running for 24 hours on a single filling. Including the Air Washing technology that makes this model an even better deal, this room humidifier is able to prevent irritants such as pollen and dust from getting through to the product’s more prominent filter. With the addition of a Protec cartridge for demineralizing the water and an antimicrobial filter to further ensure that the QuietCare’s output remains hygienic, the safety of this model cannot be called into question. At this low price with all these benefits taken into account, you can’t lose by trying this humidifier out.

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Honeywell Humidifier Features and Specifications

  • Use in Rooms of 2300 Squared Feet Maximum
  • Adjust Humidity Levels With the Settings
  • Operates More Quietly Than Other Models
  • 24 Hours On One Filling
  • Air Washing Deals With the Larger Problems and Also Helps to Extend The Life of This Unit
  • Antimicrobial Filter Also Works to Keep Smaller Pollutants Out and Works to Keep Bacteria Out Of The Water
  • Warranty of 3 Years

Honeywell HCM-6009 QuietCare Humidifier Customer Feedback

There were quite a few positive points that people made about this humidifier. For starters, the wheels and handles on the humidifier made it easy to move. The water-fill containers were also straightforward and neatly avoided many of the problems associated with filling and refilling other models. All in all it would seem that most people are satisfied with this room humidifier.

A couple of concerns voiced by reviewers were related to the “noise factor” and the ability to control humidity levels. Quite a few individuals worked around the model’s vibrations by setting it on carpet flooring as opposed to hardwood. As to the issue with the levels, it was recommended that buyers adjust the settings on the model until it reaches the desired amount of humidity.

This Humidifier is Tested and Proven

If you want to combat the effects of dry air, then the Honeywell Humidifier is worth a try. Hygienic, safe, and featuring a rather lengthy warranty from a respected manufacturer, you can’t go wrong with this one. This model is easy to clean and move into other areas and it’s designed to operate in large areas. Although it’s impossible to control the weather and deal with dryness on that front, there’s nothing stopping you from making sure that your home is hydrated.

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Honeywell HCM-6009 QuietCare 9-Gallon Console Humidifier