How to Unclog Your Drain

Drains in either the sink or the bathtub get plugged on occasion with hair or food if you are talking about your kitchen sink. A kitchen sink needs hot water down the drain at least once a week. Kitchen sinks get very clogged when you put too much vegetable matter down the sink. One cup of vinegar down the drain has to be allowed to sit for 30 minutes and then rinsed with two quarts of hot water. You do not necessarily have to use store-bought chemical cleaning products. To clean up a bathtub drain, you have to put a long, plastic drain cleaning stick down it with jagged edges.

There are products out there that can stop clogs before they start. The plunger is a useful plumbing tool that can be used. Before stacking your dirty dishes into the sink, make sure you rinse everything well with cold water that keeps all the grease on the plate solid, while it goes down the drain to coat the drain line. The surface build-up of grease can lead to clogged drains. If the drain smells, you can put in a half cup of baking soda to stop the smell, because of a drain cleaning seattle wa.

When you fill the sink with very hot water for one or two hours, the weight and pressure of the water may fix the clogged drain, because it can dislodge whatever is causing the obstruction. With regard to liquids, you do not want to drink, do not put it down the drain because it winds up going into the water supply. Removing hairs from the drain is a full-time job by itself that keeps plumbers with certifications busy even if they know how to use hot water to unclog a sink.

If you call a plumber, it has to be for something serious such as the way you might have put too much onion peel down the garbage disposal. There are many types of organic drain cleaning products out there. Water in the sink has to drain the right manner because in the Northern hemisphere it moves clockwise while in the Southern hemisphere it moves counterclockwise. Baking soda and vinegar can be used to prevent future clogs and works just as well as the chemicals do. The biological cleaning agents can harm the environment less than the chemicals. If your disposal smells, you can throw a lemon down the garbage disposal to make it smell better. You should also keep a separate plunger between the toilet and the sink. There is also such thing as cleaners made from aerosol which is compressed air and gas. This can blast a hole through whatever materials are being cleaned. A heating pad around the trap pipe under the sink can run hot water through the drain under the sink. Dish detergent can dissolve the grease but there can be other alternatives to clear the grease out of drains. Drains need consistent cleaning to be ab able to function.