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VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser with Oils - Great Diffuser Kit (Buy on Amazon)

500ml Large Capacity

If you want to fill your bedroom or living room with pleasant scent, smaller diffusers may not do the trick. Compact in size, but large in capacity, the space utilization of VicTsing oil diffuser reaches 90 percent. It will emit a fragrance into the air for up to 15 hours on the low-mist setting, allowing you to scent your room with whatever essential oil you love for almost a full day.

14 Colors Light

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser gives you a whopping 14 different LED light options to choose from, or it can auto-rotate between all of them. You have different lights that make it beautiful at night, however, if you don't like it you can turn off the lights. The light is very low so you won’t have any problems while trying to sleep. Enjoy a restful and pleasant environment!

Pure Essential Oils

VicTsing Essential Oils are entirely pure. Not only do we source high quality materials from around the world, but we also source these ingredients from ethically produced sources, as their way to give back. The oils are steam distilled or cold pressed and stored in dark glass bottles to ensure the high standard. With strong and fragrant scent, you will enjoy the aromatic benefits of those oils.

A Good Night’s Sleep

When you’ve been up all night counting flocks of sheep, you’ll probably try just about anything to get some rest. A good night’s sleep is a crucial part of your day. Shake off daily hassles and ease into joyful dreams with VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser Set. The whisper-quiet aroma diffuser works at 23dB, never interrupting your sleep. The automatic shut off function brings all-round protection for your kids and babies.

Reviews of VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser with Oils

Nice diffuser.

It works nicely. I like that you can change the color of the lights and you have timer options. I have an open kitchen, dining and living room and if I walk outside and back in, I can smell it throughout the room; however, while in the room, you have to be relatively close to it to smell it. It does make water trickling noises sometimes so it’s not completely silent.

Edit: I realized that if you put enough drops of essential oil in it, then you can smell it throughout the home. It also depends on the kind of scents you use, as some are stronger than others. My advice is that you’ll need to put more than the recommended amount to really get a nice smell that permeates throughout your space! In fact, I put too much on accident once and it overpowered the room. This should meet the needs for most spaces.

Best diffuser ever it has an auto shut off when there’s no water in the tank

This is my first diffuser I never heard of one before until I saw one in the staff office.... so it made me buy one. I choose these because they are easy to use and clean... I like that it comes with essential oils...but I bought some at Walmart too just in case...these is my 5 time using it I had a bit of a problem using a cedar wood essential oils it clogged and polluted my diffuser so my diffuser didn’t work for a day, then after 2 days of using back again it works now so I’m happy with it, definitely buy these diffuser is worth the money.

So one thing I’ll tell you guys is to be careful when using cedar wood with lavender together it will clog or pollute your diffuser if you let it sit there for a while with the oils in there.

So far it's quite nice.

This thing is amazing. Simple and easy to use. Of the scents that came with it, I've used two so far, and they're great. It's big enough to fill a fairly large room and quiet enough to be a pleasant background noise if you set it up to run while you try to sleep (I have no experience with others so I ASSUME it's quiet. Motor has a noticeable hum and it makes bubbling noises as it works). Lights show is a neat extra and works smoothly and easily. 

Overall for the money it's a good buy.

Great smells and pretty lights

The oils that come with this smell so fabulous. The diffuser works well there are only two things I wish were different. 

It would be nice if you could take the water bowl out and wash it out without having to wash the whole thing and also after you use a certain scent even once you wash it out that scent lingers for a while. I imagine that’s a challenge with any oil diffuser though. Overall, a great purchase for the price.

First Diffuser I've Tried, Really Liking It

I love this diffuser so far, it has plenty of great options like the timers and LED lighting. I appreciate how it automatically shuts off when the water level gets too low. The scents are pretty good, but I've found I usually need to put in 7 - 10 drops for the smell to be potent enough to smell in the room. 

Noise level is decent. I can hear it, but it's not annoying or super loud. Kind of helps get you to fall asleep actually. Only thing I wished was there was an option for the LED lights to go off with the timer. Prefer to have them on for a length of time, then shut off instead of staying on for hours and hours.

Looking forward to plenty of continued use though!

Amazing best oil diffuser so far!

Works amazing. I bought 5 diffusers so far and found issues with them all and kept returning then until finally I found this one. This one is great. It’s quiet. It doesn’t make a slight fan and water noise but it’s barely noticeable and hardly a distraction when sleeping. 

I actually find it soothing. It has great flow and produces a nice big mist. I use it almost every night and throughout the day. I love the included essential oils. Here’s my tip: don’t fill the entire water reservoir. 

I used to fill it to Max and add essential oils but could never smell anything. Now I add just about 100 ml and add 10-15 drops of essential oils and it smells great and strong.

Easy to use and looks very nice

I love the design of this diffuser. It blends in well with our dark-colored furniture and has a sleek look. The first oil I tried was peppermint and it was a bold and pleasant scent. The Tea Tree, Lavender, and Eucalyptus do not seem to be as fragrant. 

Though I haven't used the Lemongrass yet, I'm hoping it is more fragrant. I haven't tried the Sweet Orange either, but the oil is a very sweet strong scent. Using this diffuser is very easy and takes very little time.

These reviews were begotten from the Amazon product page.

VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser with Oils - Great Diffuser Kit