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Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser - Premium Feel (Buy on Amazon)

The Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser is Swiss-engineered and designed and uses advanced ultrasonic technology to transform water blended with essential aromatherapy oil into a very fine, sweet-smelling mist.

The Jasmine is one of the longest-running aroma diffusers on the market, with a 10ml water reservoir that makes it possible for you to operate the diffuser for a whole day (approximately 24 hours). 

We were pleased to find that setting up the diffuser is a simple, intuitive process that takes just a couple minutes. To begin, simply fill the tank with water to the max line, add two to three drops of essential oil, plug in the diffuser, and let it get to work freshening your air. You can follow the same simple steps to refill the diffuser. Cleaning this unit is easy and requires only rubbing the tank with a damp cloth and then drying thoroughly. The Jasmine’s tactile, soft-touch coating also makes it a joy to handle and gives it an elegant matte finish. 

We tested this unit in our medium-sized bedroom, and it has quickly become a home essential for us, soothing us to sleep at night and freshening stale air during the day. We love it so much that we plan to purchase a second diffuser to provide a similarly calming ambiance in our living room.


Reviews of the Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser

So good I bought a second one!

The very first diffuser I ever bought was some cheapo thing for about $15. It worked, but it only ran for a few hours and then after a while, one day I smelled smoke and found that the motor was giving off a burnt smell, so I quickly unplugged it and trashed it. The next diffuser I bought was the Stadler Jasmine. Right away I loved everything about it. 

The shape, the color (my first was yellow), ease of filling, and that it can run for about 12-24 hours, depending on the setting. I love this diffuser so much that I bought a second one (berry color).

Best Diffuser for Small Rooms

In order to prevent sensitivity to essential oils, you should diffuse for short periods of time, take a break, then diffuse. 

This diffuser from Stadler Form has a timer built in where it will diffuse for 10 minutes then rest for 20 minutes. It can continue this cycle for an entire day before needing to be refilled. While this berry color is bright, it actually looks good in almost any setting. The diffuser itself works very well. 

This is my second purchase of this model Stadler Form Jasmine diffuser and I would recommend it to anyone.

Beautifully Simple in Form and Function

I have 6 of these in my house (3 black, 2 white, 1 yellow) to diffuse essential oils in different rooms. The best feature, in my opinion, is the intermittent feature which diffuses for 10 minutes and stops for 20 minutes, lasting for about 20 hours this way. It doesn't over-infuse the air with the scent of oils.

I appreciate its simple, unobtrusive design and lack of bright multicolored lights. If sensitivity to the two tiny blue lights disturb sleep, it can be turned away from the sleeper and still diffuses soundlessly and properly. I don't have this sensitivity, but others might.

The Best Diffuser That I Have!

I sell oils for a top named essential oils company, whose products I totally stand behind and LOVE! I have all of this other company's diffuser and even some of their competitors! But this one, the Stadler Form JASMINE is by far the best and my favorite! I LOVE that I can add oils and forget about it until the next day! There are options on how it distributes the "scents", but I tend to choose to go for the all day option! I REALLY like this diffuser and I am purchasing two more to go with my other two! They are well worth the money!

Great design, works beautifully, love the features

The diffuser looks great and has a small footprint. I love how easy it is to use and to clean (I use distilled water just to be safe with cleaning, although I know it is not necessary).

My favorite feature is how you can let it run continuously for 7 hours and it automatically shuts off or you can use the intermittently feature where it runs for 10 minutes, off for 20, and on again with this cycle for 21 hours. I bought two, one for the guest room and one for my room. I like to add pleasant scents for sleeping as well as bright citrus scents for when I get up to do some work in the guest room/office. It is also great for when you have a cold and using something like eucalyptus opens your sinuses. I am really glad that I did my research and purchased this product.

I only have one con: The two small lights are quite bright at night. I wasn't expecting that. So, for sleeping, it is good to turn it away from the bed.

Great Essential Oil Diffuser

I purchased this diffuser two years ago. It is great. I am happy to say that it is still working after 2 years. I use it in my bedroom and am glad that it does not make a lot of noise and it does not have the different color lights that can keep some people awake. It only has a tiny dot that indicates it is on and another tiny dot that lights up when you have chosen the intermittent setting. 

I really love having the intermittent setting which makes it diffuse for a time, turn off & back on at regular intervals. This keeps the scent from being overwhelming and also makes it last a long time. I find this a better option than having the timed settings of 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, etc. The intermittent setting is not an option on most diffusers. I would purchase again.

Exceptional style and perfect performance.

I spent a few months looking at everything I could find to diffuse fine oils and design was a big consideration as it's visible in my very nice home.

This was the most updated design that was based on a classic shape. Like magic it had fine mist rise out of it to infuse the room with oil and then shut off as needed.

Very small lights told me the mode it was in. The power cord was just as nice and it used regular water which made everything easy.

I like this didn't light up and change color or have an odd design in bamboo as my taste is a bit more refined.

This product works just as well as the much bigger diffusers and well worth the price.

Stadler Form - Jasmine Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Wonderful! Love this Jasmine diffuser and when Best Buy offered a $20 discount, I bought my second one straightaway. I have been using a Stadler Jasmine grey color in the bedroom. My new one moves back and forth from the bathroom to the kitchen. 

These diffusers are small so can be tucked away most anywhere. Yet, they run a long while before needing refilled. My condo has dry air and I constantly run a humidifier. Adding these two Stadler Diffusers has made my home more welcoming. It smells divine and my skin is softer. For Christmas I have been using the Frankincense organic essential oil. 

There are so many oils from which to choose. Totally encourage one or more for you and recommend these diffusers as a thoughtful hostess gift.

Exactly what I was expecting

Love the automatic feature. It's only enough mist to affect a small room. I use it on my nightstand with oils for sleep. When my daughter is congested I move it to her room and diffuse oils for breathing etc. Love the color and design.

Wonderful quality. Great lemon yellow color!

What a great little diffuser! I bought it (with my own hard earned this review is REAL) in yellow (which is a bright lemon color) and absolutely love it. Other reviews that say the oils can't be smelled unless you put your nose right up to it...I think that is more a problem with the quality of oils they use than the actual diffuser. This little baby quietly scents an entire 1000 Sq ft space in my house fast, but I have great oils too. I don't mean to sound judgy, but I don't buy my oils on amazon. I buy them straight from a local company so I can be sure I am getting the "real" oils for my money (I bought shampoos and other liquid stuff here years ago and found out it was a fake product put into the real packaging to fool me... lesson learned.) So if you are having difficulty getting fragrance in your space with this diffuser, switch to oils bought straight from a quality company (I use Mountain Rose Herbs) or your local health food store. You may smell a HUGE difference.

Moving on... The plastic used on this diffuser is velvety soft on the outside, which was a pleasant surprise. The plastic is also strong, thick, and durable throughout, with a well fitting lid and base that allow for no leaks at all when put together. This is easy to clean out and wipe down too when not in use or when changing scents. Often diffusers are not so easy to clean and so won't last as long. I especially love the bright "pop" of color on such a simple and modern design. It is so cheery and mood brightening, especially during these rainy late winter-early spring days. I highly recommend it!

Has Withstood the Test of Time

I’ve had this lil’ beauty for 4+ years and it still works perfectly fine. In fact, it’s about $10 cheaper than it was before. It’s quiet as all heck and powerful. 

You can also trust it to do what it’s supposed to do without babysitting it. Fill it up, add your essential oils and voila! That’s it.

Gorgeous Diffuser

This is my first diffuser so I have nothing to compare it to except a million different reviews of different diffusers. But this one so far is very pretty, functional and works like a charm. I keep it in my bathroom cause it doesn't cover large areas with aromas. 

I love this one, but I've only had it for a few weeks, so if something changes I'll give updates. The intervals are brilliant because it stays on 10 mins and shuts off for 20 mins, then repeats. Good method to not use up oil too quickly and to not overwhelm with fragrances.

These reviews were begotten from the Amazon product page.

Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser - Premium Feel