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Asakuki Premium Essential Oil Diffuser - Amazon's Choice (Buy on Amazon)

This stylish product is perfect for those who are looking for a diffuser with a large tank — 700ml — to hold more water and last through the night. It moistens, ionizes and purifies air. This device acts as a nightlight as well.

Relieve Stress & Improving Sleeping

ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser features the super quiet technology and the volume of it working is lower than 30db. Add drops of essential oils and it could offer you a peaceful night.

Moisten Skin

Are you still suffering from the dry air? This essential oil diffuser can definitely help you out of that! Just due to a noticeable glow of ASAKUKI diffuser mist.

Reinforce Immunity (*no proof of this)

Feared in the flu and cold? Do not hesitate to improve your breathing and strengthen the immune system by owning an ASAKUKI 700ML essential oil diffuser.

Enjoy The Fragrant & Soothing Atmosphere

Not only will your home be filled with a subtle, yet wonderful aroma, the vaporizer will also improve the air quality, lift your mood, and relieve you from stress!

Review of the Asakuki Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

Better than I ever hoped!

I'm not a person that thinks essential oils have magical healing properties, so if you're that sort of consumer I don't have anything to report. Now, my needs were simple: I wanted my room to smell like lavender. Mission accomplished, with a beautiful package.

The device is absolutely beautiful. It's very light, all plastic but very sturdy, and the outer shell is a translucent, semi-matte white color that diffuses the light very gently. It's fairly bright (in addition to picking from seven colors, each color can be set to "high" or "low" brightness. The photograph attached to this review shows the light blue color in full brightness, with a color-changing LED lamp in the background for comparison. The diffused colored lighting (or straight white if you prefer) is genuinely pretty to look at and serves as a night light if you need to navigate a dark room. The colored light is downright inviting, almost comforting, and when the room is well-lit, it still looks sharp with a wood veneer base and a wood veneer triangle that almost looks like it's floating in the air.

The whole mechanism is controlled by three well marked buttons (light/color, mist strength, off/on/timed). They can be a little fiddly at first, but the manual is very thorough and you'll soon understand the system of short pushes/long pushes that give you ideal mist output and lighting color, most changes positively identified by a series of beeps.

At first I thought the machine was silent, and for all practical purposes it is. Putting an ear right up to the device will allow you to hear the very slight hum of the cooling fan, but also the very nice sound of bubbling water droplets.

Starting the machine is easy- lift off the plastic overshell by holding either side and sliding up, fill the internal tank with 700 ml of water (there is a clearly marked "fill capacity" line visible from the inside and outside of the tank), and drop five to ten drops of essential oil into the water (more or less depending on the strength of the scent you're experimenting with). Slide the outer shell back on, choose to run it until empty or for a certain number of hours, choose high or low strength mist, then choose between a single color or changing light-show. Immediately the mist will appear, with practically no sound and literally no heat or waiting.

This is the rare product that does everything as advertised, and looks pretty doing it.... For less than $30.

Note: Looking through scents, you'll see wildly conflicting information. One person's 5-star scent will be, to another reviewer, "the most awful chemical smell ever". I realize that we get what we pay for, so I chose the Sky Organics 1oz. lavender oil for a little over $11.00. Some oils will give you a third of that for the same price, some will give you 4oz. for less than $10. There is bound to be a difference of quality, but I can verify that the sky organics oil will run this machine for hundreds of sessions, and it smells wonderful. No word of if it will cure lupus but, like I said, I just want a pleasant smell.

In short, if you can't decide between the hundreds of mist diffusers, know that you can't go wrong with this machine for build quality or looks. Try out whatever oils you'd like, but don't overly commit to any one before you've given it a try. Cheers!

Was nervous - but pleasantly pleased.

Was nervous about how the quality of this product would be compared to the ones the speciality companies sell. I was more than pleased and satisfied with this product and company, so much that I ordered a second one several days after I received the first. It works just as described and after I received my order I was sent an e- mail from the company asking if I was satisfied with my order and was everything operating correctly. I don't normally fill out these ratings when I get them but I was Very happy with this item and wanted to share that

Tried another brand, came back to Asakuki

A few years ago, I purchased a smaller (300ml) Asakuki diffuser / humidifier and have been very pleased with its ease of use and unobtrusive design (it doesn't look out of place nor like a child's toy).

I moved to a new work location and needed to add moisture to the air in the very dry office space, so I tried another brand that I found at a local store. It was just OK; it did not produce much mist, the controls were not easy to use, it was noisy, and the light feature had very limited functionality. I've since returned it and (for the same price) ordered the 700ml Asakuki version. 

It goes beyond just serving the basic purpose. It can run the entire workday (10+ hours) without a refill. My skin feels better and breathing is easier. The variable light setting is a pleasant feature as it adds a gentle ambiance to an otherwise drab cubicle setting. I ordered a second 700ml to give as a gift - it was well received. 

Please use distilled water for the best results and easy cleaning.

These reviews were begotten from the Amazon product page.

Asakuki Premium Essential Oil Diffuser