Add Energy Efficiency with Replacement Windows  

Getting good windows is easy when a new home is being constructed but what does one do if living in an existing home with older single-pane windows? There are companies who not only sell windows for new construction but offer replacement windows for existing structures. There are steps the homeowner can do to renovate an existing home to be more energy efficient.

Do the Windows In this House Need Replacing?

When a homeowner wants to improve energy efficiency, they can contact a company known for retrofitting homes for energy savings. The local power company may also inspect the house suggesting projects to reduce energy use and costs. The power company may charge a small fee but, they are not trying to sell products.

One of the most common energy wasters is old single-pane or damaged windows that are ill-fitting and have air leaks. Old doors are another energy waster. Too little or missing insulation is another culprit. Windows and doors need to be replaced if they are single pane glass, have broken air seals between layers of glass, have cracked or broken glass, or do not fit tightly. Windows that do not open and close properly will need to be repaired or replaced. One product that can solve the window problem is andersen replacement windows cincinnati oh. There are many renovation companies who furnish and install this and other good-quality window and door products.

How Long Do Windows Last?

Windows can be made with different materials framing the glass panels. This determines how long the windows last. Aluminum framed windows may need to be replaced after 15 to 20 years. Vinyl-clad windows may last from 20 to 40 years.

Window Replacement

When replacing windows, the homeowner has choices in materials and construction. Features include the frame type, gas fills and spacing, operation type, and frame type. The homeowner must also consider energy use and rating, design, labeling, warranties and the skill of the company installers. Windows should have Energy Star labels with energy use information. There may also be NFRC labels with energy performance ratings. Different climates call for different window features.

Choosing the right windows is important. Reducing energy waste is important but not the only reason to replace old windows in a home. Window replacement for a whole house costs average between $8,000 and $24,000. Those expensive new windows will be quieter, more attractive, and less drafty. They will be easier to clean and maintain and will not need painting. Home comfort is a very important reason to replace windows.

The most expensive windows may not be the best. Check on the ratings before deciding. A wood-framed window my not keep out cold air as well as a vinyl clad window at a lesser price. Check window ratings before deciding. The window replacement company representative can be very helpful. The goal is to get the best window for your climate at the lowest price.